Credit card

Оплата совершается при вводе данных карты в режиме онлайн (Online)


Working curency on site is euros.

Terms of payment by credit card online (Online):

Only a physical person can make a payment by credit card
Enter the card number and the CVC number from the back side of the card, which consists of three digits
The payment is safe, data is protected by SSL certificate
Payment by credit card online (Online) is possible only if the bank that issued this card to you takes part in programs of secure purchases on the Internet (MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa)
Before paying, please read the daily payment privileges established by your bank

Bank wire transfer

A bank transfer allows you to make a payment as a physical, legal and self-employed person
Physical person, legal entity and self-employed person can make a payment by using bank transmission.

Terms of payment for physical persons:

Payment is processed within 1-2 business days

Terms of payment for legal entities and self-employed persons:

Payment by bank transmission only
Payment is processed within 1-2 business days
Before making a purchase, you must make an order on our website